Result of a few months of partnership with:

We are able to deliver campaigns with high performance and increase the number of viewable impressions, with an exclusive technology.

See the results of Jornal O Dia here after a thorough assessment of online audience behavior and disabling simple refresh (rotation without intelligence). Our Second Print rotates intelligently, and generated 3x more revenue!

After consulting with Adsensor, the Viewability of the newspaper’s ads has already grown by 23%, tripling the value of the CPM.

Increase in visibility and revenue after consulting

With the arrived of the pandemic, several sectors were affected and the decrease in people’s consumption as well.

However, with the necessary social isolation, the internet started to have a greater number of consumers, attracting even those who were not very adept at virtual shopping.

Our client, “O Dia”, obtained a significant increase in visibility and revenue after consulting, using our exclusive technology. Compared to the same period in 2019.

Increase the viewability of the home of the newspaper

Our intelligent technology Second Print was able to increase the viewability of the home of the newspaper “O dia” by 120% compared to the refresh.

Premium inventory rotates Publisher impressions on the home, which allows for more views and better campaign performance.