Adsensor revolutionizes the market and simplifies the purchase and sale of digital media

More than ever, the use of marketing and technology tools is necessary. And it is often a key ally in the sales funnel and to calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) of a marketing action. The effectiveness of communication between companies and their consumers makes all the difference, optimizing investments in advertising to reach them without excessive spending.

Adsensor was born with the purpose of revolutionizing the market for buying and selling digital media performance: focused on innovation and on the virtual performance of programmatic campaigns, measuring in real time the effectiveness and precision of execution, with high visibility indexes. Furthermore, its great differential is in the measurement by time (Guaranteed Time Slots), which guarantees transparency and security in hiring.

Created in 2017 by a group of investors with experience in websites and other digital platforms in Brazil, Europe and the United States, Adsensor guarantees its clients an increase in the publisher’s inventory, monitoring user engagement with ads, performance reporting system and revenues – all in real time, with transparency and flexibility in contracts.

Unlike traditional processes, media buying and selling are done digitally, in negotiations carried out in an automated, simultaneous auction system, which guarantees the scalability of sales in digital media. It also guarantees the measurement of results in real time, with new metrics that go beyond the already traditional “viewability”. A new metric we advocate is the Guaranteed Time Slot (GTS), which in addition to the 1 second of viewability visibility, guarantees 5, 10, 20s, or more, which makes a lot more sense for end customers.

The system, on the one hand, guarantees an increase in the inventory and advertising spaces to be offered to the advertiser and, on the other, greater user engagement with the products and advertisements that are shown in the most varied spaces, simultaneously. The result is increased revenue for publishers per ad (higher CPM) and investor security, that their ads have been viewed for a certain time, which creates transparency for the market.

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